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  1. When do you have the right to sue a doctor?
  2. Can a hospital be held liable for losing my purse?
  3. My doctor grabbed and injured my arm
  4. My doctor caused internal bleeding after a surgery. Is this medical malpractice?
  5. Waited three hours to be seen at the hospital?
  6. How could a nurse practitioner perform my consultative examination for my SSDI case?
  7. Sedated in hospital restraints for no reason?
  8. Do the statute of limitations apply if my lawyer stopped pursuing the case?
  9. My doctor had the PA look at me and she overlooked that I had Bell's Palsy.
  10. The emergency room was wrong.
  11. A specimen bag was left inside my wife and it turned into a cancerous tumor.
  12. My foot surgery won't heal.
  13. My dentist failed to do a procedure he was supposed to do. I need a lawyer.
  14. Breast cancer surgery gone wrong
  15. Unnecessary surgery....
  16. Miscarriage and sent home with my unborn child
  17. The doctor accidentally removed part of my fallopian tube.
  18. The doctor's injection caused my shoulder muscle to fall.
  19. Because of tort reform, can one still sue a doctor?
  20. I got gangrene after having my baby.
  21. Hurt in my nursing home.
  22. Needle left in the heart after surgery
  23. My fingertip was bitten off by a horse.
  24. Our son was born with a broken clavicle.
  25. The doctor caused my miscarriage.
  26. Insurnce put off my PET scan and now my cancer is huge.
  27. My wife died from cancer and her doctor never tested her for it.
  28. I want to sue the doctor and hospital that endangered my son.
  29. My knee replacement is defective.
  30. Avandia hurt my heart and I want to sue.
  31. Surgeon cut the wrong nerves in my hand surgery.
  32. My daughter was injured at the hospital and did not make an accident report.
  33. A shot hit my sciatic nerve.
  34. The doctor forgot to taken out my ovary and had to operate a second time.
  35. Doctor didn't ask about my diabetes and I lost my toe.
  36. Dentist should have used a specialist, but did the filling anyway.
  37. Eye surgeon cut too close to my eye.
  38. Drugs given to me, almost killed me.
  39. My knee replacement went so bad that my leg was amputated.
  40. My first doctor overlooked a tumor in my brain
  41. Hospital dislocated my shoulder after surgery.
  42. Aspirated due to the negligence of the nurses.
  43. Bitten by a spider and I still have an infection.
  44. I woke up during my colonoscopy.
  45. Eye doctor detached my retina and does not want to take responsibility.
  46. My daughter in mentally ill and the hospitals won't help her.
  47. Hip replacement caused RSD.
  48. The doctor messed up my second surgery.
  49. A nurse tore my prostrate with dry foley insertion.
  50. Can I sue my orthopedic surgeon on contingency?
  51. Nerve damage during wisdom teeth removal.
  52. Can I sue for my muscle damage from Zocor.
  53. Dentist only pulled out half of my tooth.
  54. Suboxone and Xanax may have given me Bells Palsy.
  55. I want to sue the Manufacturer of Videx
  56. Dentist pulled the wrong tooth.
  57. Doctor punctured my bladder.
  58. Nurse dropped me on the floor after surgery.
  59. My lap band surgery went wrong.
  60. I need a lawyer to sue the doctor that almost killed me.
  61. The hospital gave me the wrong medication.
  62. Chiropractor hurt me during an adjustment.
  63. Fell in the bathroom after surgery.
  64. Gabapentin may be causing dementia.
  65. Doctor gave me the wrong pills.
  66. Is the anesthesiologist responsible?
  67. Doctor is refusing to write me a prescription.
  68. My birth control caused a stroke.
  69. I was given the wrong medicine at the drug store.
  70. Can doctors give me drugs against my will?
  71. Can I sue my previous doctor?
  72. I fell off the bed when I went in for surgery.
  73. Doctor should never have operated on my colon.
  74. Can I sue my doctor for giving me local anesthesia?
  75. Doctor exposed nerves during my surgery.
  76. The hospital messed up and ended up losing my toe.
  77. I had a botched surgery in 2009.
  78. Billing department won't let me have my surgery.
  79. I had a bad hip replacement.
  80. I have horrible migraines now. What do I do?
  81. How do I pursue medical malpractice?
  82. I got a staph infection at the hospital.
  83. It took my doctor 4 surgeries to get my pacemaker right.
  84. Dentist didn't give me antibiotics.
  85. Prescribed Darvocet gave me a heart attack.
  86. I got a staph infections from the hospital.
  87. My hernia surgery has not healed right.
  88. My abdominal mesh is defective.
  89. Doctor was overdosing me on steroids.
  90. My heart attack was misdiagnosed.
  91. I have had horrible treatment from the doctors and nurses at my hospital.
  92. Doctors misdiagnosed me and I ended up have a 12 hour surgery as a result.
  93. Docors left medical equipment inside me after my procedure.
  94. Antibiotics caused seizures that broke by back in 3 places.
  95. Doctor caused me to get Popeye Syndrome.
  96. Overdosed on Morphine,
  97. Hospital sent me home too soon.
  98. Cataract surgery gone wrong.
  99. Doctors tore an artery during my surgery.
  100. Doctors messed up my C-Section.
  101. My prescribed medication caused me to lose my large bowel.
  102. Corrective leg brace caused more injury.
  103. My father died too early from the poor care his doctor gave him.
  104. Allergic Reaction to staples used in surgery
  105. The Doctor put in a screw too long for my hand
  106. I woke up during my surgery
  107. I lost my pinkie finger during a surgery gone wrong.
  108. The dentist broke my jaw when he tightened my braces.
  109. My father fell out of a wheelchair at the hospital.
  110. Pacemaker malfunctioned.
  111. I need to sue my negligent doctor.
  112. I need to sue the VA Hospital.
  113. I was in an FDA study that ended up being terminated.
  114. My husband has suffered from the hands of incompetent doctors.
  115. The nurses didn't help me and I fell.
  116. The doctor botched my Lifestyle Lift.
  117. Lymph node removal caused fluid under my arm.
  118. Doctor didn't lance my abscess in time.
  119. I need an attorney.
  120. A podiatrist caused horrible injury to my foot.
  121. Struggling Pain
  122. Negligence from Primary Care Physician
  123. Placenta left in my Uterus after childbirth
  124. Infusion needle got caught on the sofa
  125. I was given the wrong dosage of medication
  126. Staph Infection due to hospital's negligence
  127. Surgery caused a bone infection
  128. Femoral nerve injured during hip replacement surgery
  129. Dentist pulled the wrong tooth.
  130. Pacemaker installed incorrectly
  131. Mesh from prior surgery caused a massive infection
  132. Surgery resulted in a hole in my bladder
  133. Medication given in labor developed into Peripheral Neuropathy
  134. Doctors didn't notice I had diabetes.
  135. After second surgery my leg is crooked and a half inch shorter than my other leg
  136. After childbirth, my daughter is having trouble walking
  137. I had open heart surgery, but the valve was still leaking
  138. I was given too much Morphine while incarcerated
  139. The jail officials switched my medication
  140. My knee is worse after the ACL surgery
  141. My doctor says I am ready for work, but I am not.
  142. My seasonal birth control gave me blood clots.
  143. Dental malpractice.
  144. Mesh recall from my hernia surgery.
  145. Plate in my neck is failing.
  146. Orderlies in the hospital dropped me on the floor.
  147. My toenail will never be the same.
  148. A doctors misdiagnosis has ruined my life.
  149. I need to sue this horrible oral surgeon.
  150. A shot in my back gave me a viral infection.