View Full Version : Premise Liability

  1. Why won't the insurance company cover my premise liability claim?
  2. Can I sue a hotel chain if I fell while taking a shower?
  3. What is considered a premise liability case?
  4. What compensation can I get from my daughter's sprained ankle at the hotel resort?
  5. Slipped at McDonald's and injured my knee.
  6. I tripped on my neighbor's fence. Is he liable for my fall?
  7. I hurt my shoulder at a store. Do I have a claim?
  8. I was hurt in my apartment complex. Can I sue?
  9. Doen't a store need to pay for my injury that occured on their premises?
  10. A store's sign fell on my head.
  11. Injured and denied by homeowner's insurance.
  12. Fell in a trench. Can I sue the property owner?
  13. Hurt while at the hospital
  14. Kicked in the mouth by a horse.
  15. Injured on a neighbor's property.
  16. Son was bitten in the face by neighbors dog.
  17. Granddaughter broke her leg at a daycare.
  18. German Shepherd bit my leg.
  19. My daughter was hit by a ladder at a store.
  20. Tripped on a public sidewalk and hurt myself.
  21. Hurt on an Amtrak train.
  22. My chair broke at a restaurant.
  23. Hurt my ankle jumping over a wall.
  24. Hurt while falling down stairs during a fire drill.
  25. My mother was hit by a row of carts at Wal-Mart.
  26. Ran into a shelf at a the store.
  27. Can I sue my apartment complex for falling down stairs?
  28. I fell down wet stairs.
  29. How do I sue my landlord for falling on his property?
  30. Hurt my knee a year ago. Can I still get help?
  31. Granddaughter broke her arm at school.
  32. I was hurt falling into a ditch. How long do I have to file a claim?
  33. Roof caved in on my head from a roofer's negligence.
  34. I want to sue the hotel after falling in their shower.
  35. Cracks in pavement caused me to hurt myself.
  36. Fractured my ankles in my parent's pool.
  37. How do I sue an apartment complex?
  38. I want to sue my daughters university.
  39. I fell in front of my building.
  40. I stepped in a hole on city easement.
  41. Slipped in my apartment due to leaky roof
  42. Fell into a hole on another persons property
  43. Bed Bugs in my apartment
  44. I broke my clavicle on my landlord's property.
  45. I need to sue the jail.
  46. Broke my foot at a friends house
  47. I fell down the front stairs
  48. My apartment complex is being unreasonable.
  49. Slipped on a driveway.
  50. I need my landlord to pay my medical bills.