View Full Version : Criminal Assaults

  1. Why was I charged with assault?
  2. The Police used excessive force for an arrest. What are my options?
  3. Domestic violence...do I have a personal injury claim?
  4. Can I sue a homeowner if I knew her son was involved in my home invasion?
  5. Assaulted by a student
  6. My arm was broken while in police custody.
  7. Hurt while I was incarcerated.
  8. Can I get pain and suffering compensation from a home invasion?
  9. My fiance deliberately hit me with her van.
  10. Walgreens employee slapped my son.
  11. Assaulted in the county jail.
  12. I have been poisoned by a fellow employee.
  13. I was beaten by another patient. What do I do now?
  14. My son was attacked and the attacker only got probation.
  15. I was hit in the ear and the assailant was charged with battery.
  16. I was assaulted in my dorm room.
  17. Police officer was fired for beating me up.
  18. I was shot while pumping gas.
  19. A UPS store employee assaulted and battered me.
  20. The police caused my brain injury.
  21. My granddaughter was abused by a doctor.
  22. I was almost raped and robbed.
  23. My wife assaulted me and I need help.
  24. I was shot by my boyfriend
  25. Attacked at the Colusa Casino
  26. I was raped at my work.
  27. A club owner shot me twice in the foot.
  28. My daughter was poisoned at school.
  29. An off duty sheriff beat me up.
  30. Physical abuse by my wife