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  1. After a slip and fall I have 65% use of my left arm
  2. Can Walmart be held liable for injuries which occur on their property?
  3. I fell at my doctor's office. Can they be held liable for my injuries?
  4. Slip and fall at Walmart
  5. How long do I have to file my Washington personal injury case?
  6. Can I apply for disability after my accident?
  7. I fell at a store and I was offered a gift card for compensation.
  8. I want to sue a store for leaving sodas in the isle.
  9. My building is uder construction and I got hurt.
  10. Tripped in a Wal-Mart Parking lot.
  11. Hurt on an uneven sidewalk
  12. I slipped at my local correction center
  13. Slipped at McDonald's...
  14. My husband fell on steps and died later.
  15. Slipped on ice in the parking lot.
  16. Fall at a store. Do I have a case?
  17. Fell in a bank parking lot. Do I have a case?
  18. My son was injured at school.
  19. Slipped at the Pawn Shop
  20. Hurt at a National Park
  21. Slipped at the market. What are my rights?
  22. I need a personal injury attorney in Indiana.
  23. Cut at Wal-Mart
  24. Slipped on snow in front of a Safeway.
  25. Slipped on the snow at my apartment.
  26. Fell in a chair in the room of a casino
  27. Shopping cart ran over my toe.
  28. Injured at the local courthouse.
  29. Broke arm when I slipped on gravel at a shopping center.
  30. Turned down by lawyers.
  31. Fell because of the power company.
  32. Slipped at Wal-Mart.
  33. Slipped on Coke at the grocery store.
  34. Slipped at a restaurant and it was caught on camera.
  35. Hit my head at the dentist's office.
  36. Slipped at the H.E.B. grocery store.
  37. Slipped at Sam's Club
  38. I slipped in a store. What is my next step?
  39. Slipped on subway stairs.
  40. I slipped in a puddle of water at Macy's.
  41. Slipped on carpet at an extended stay hotel.
  42. I slipped on the snow in front of K-mart.
  43. I slipped on a grape at Wal-Mart.
  44. I fell in an uncovered storm drain.
  45. I slipped in a pool of water at TJMAXX.
  46. The insurance company is denying that they have a video of my accident.
  47. I tripped on the carpet at Wal-Mart.
  48. I slipped and sprained my ankle at CVS.
  49. An employee at McDonalds hit my son in the head with a door.
  50. Door closed so strong it knocked me to the ground.
  51. I fell outside of a Whataburger and was hurt.
  52. Fell on an uneven sidewalk.
  53. Slipped on a toy and hurt myself.
  54. Slipped and Fell at Walmart. No Wet Floor Sign was put out.
  55. Slipped and fell at Goodwill store. The manager did not make a report of the accident.
  56. Slipped and Fell at Lafitness Gym
  57. Do I have a lawsuit?
  58. Products fell off the shelf and hit me.
  59. I hurt my spine when I fell.
  60. I fell in a chair at the department store.
  61. My son fell down an escalator.
  62. Can I still sue even though I fell on private property?
  63. Defective Stairs in Yonkers
  64. Slipped and Fell while shopping at Walmart
  65. My Mother was injured at a rehabilitation hospital
  66. Slipped and Fell on the steps outside my front door
  67. I fell on a city owned sidewalk
  68. I tripped while in an office building
  69. Stepped in a hole while shopping at a shoe store
  70. Fell during my incarceration and broke my rib
  71. I fell down the stairs because the landlord had not repaired the lights per my request
  72. Fell on my way out of Kroger
  73. Fell while shopping at Swanson's
  74. Fell while walking down city sidewalk
  75. Door knob missing on the back door of my condominium
  76. I had an accident while staying at the Wyndham Hotel in the Dominican Republic
  77. I fell 20 feet while working on a roof.
  78. Slipped and Fell in a casino restroom
  79. Fell over wires and pipes while on the job
  80. Twisted my ankle outside the Dollar General
  81. I tripped on a pallett and injured my knee
  82. Fell down at the hospital parking lot
  83. I had two accidents at the same location
  84. Do I need an attorney in the state the accident took place?
  85. I fell at the grocery store
  86. I slipped and fell while visiting my husband in the hospital
  87. Store employee ran me over with the grocery carts
  88. It is possible to sue the city for a slip and fall accident?