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Thread: Can I still hire a personal injury lawyer?

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    Can I still hire a personal injury lawyer?

    I am a Truck driver. I injured my back while pulling the rear tandem release to move into slot for CA. standard of 40 ft. I was forced into a Workers Comp claim and that has been so grossly mishandled. I have also been denied reinstatement of my job. This has effected my credentials as a CDL worker. I've Hired a workers Comp lawyer to handle this case out of AL. This case is still pending. The new doctor I've seen said that this case will remain open for a year. Will this effect my hiring a personal injury lawyer at this juncture?

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    You could talk to a personal injury lawyer and see. I do believe that you need to finish your case with the workers comp attorney first, as that outcome will affect your hiring a personal injury lawyer. But as I said, talk to a lawyer in your area and see what they say. You may be able to at least start the process. Call 1-800-566-7404 for help.

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