About Us

International Team

The Blood Sugar Code gathers an international team of independent medical researchers, specialising in type II diabetes, weight loss and science-based nutrition.

Biggest Breakthroughs

Our entire work revolves around finding today's biggest breakthroughs in type II diabetes, with the one purpose of bringing them to individuals looking to reclaim their normal life and health independence.

Thousands of Studies

Together, we've dug up through over 150,000 studies, lab tests, and books about the root causes of type II diabetes, blood sugar and insulin-producing cells.

Incredibly Easy
Like having a personal diabetes coach by your side.

Fast results
All you need: meal plans, shopping lists, cheat-sheets.

Instant access
Available on all devices: PC, tablet, phone. Everywhere!

Master the blood sugar game in less than 4 weeks

No restrictive diets. No meds. No stress.